Christian Gattinoni, the chief editor of the French site of the association of the French art critics has written an article "Les espaces d'imagination sculpturale de Krystyna Ziach" (Krystyna Ziach's Spaces of Sculptural Imagination) considering the book and the exhibition Space of Imagination at the Museum Beelden aan Zee in The Hague (31-10-2014 until 8-02-2015), and has published this on the site: 1-09-2015

Les espaces d'imagination sculpturale de Krystyna Ziach, par Christian Gattinoni, 1-09-2015

Krystyna Ziach's Spaces of Sculptural Imagination, by Christian Gattinoni, 1-09-2015

Krystyna Ziach: Space of Imagination, Museum Beelden aan Zee, The Hague, NL,
31-10 until 8-02-2015, by PhotoQ, 5-11-2014
Exhibition of Works by Krystyna Ziach in The Hague, website of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in The Hague,
Krystyna Ziach in Museum Kunst Palast Düsseldorf, 25-02-2013,
Krystyna Ziach in Museum Kunst Palast Düsseldorf, 25 February 2013, by PhotoQ
Art of the Day (Kunst van de Dag) 25-02-2013, Krystyna Ziach in Museum Kunst Palast Düsseldorf
by Benno Tutein Nolthenius, by

2020 - 2021 The Atomic Bomb - 75 years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, with a.o.:
Taniguchi Ken'ichiro, Tsuchida Hiromi, Japan Museum, SieboldHuis, Leiden, NL

The Attraction of Decay, Galerie Fontana, Amsterdam
from 08-12-2018 until 16-02-2019

PAN, Art Fair, Amsterdam, Galerie Fontana, Amsterdam
from 17-11-2018 until 25-11-2018

Art the Hague, NS=US Art Gallery, 04-10 until 08-10-2017

Into the Void, a duo exhibition of Krystyna Ziach & Margriet van Breevoort, NS + US Art Galerie, Rotterdam, NL
1-09-2017 until 15-10-2017

Up Memory Lane I, RAM Gallery / Foundation, Rotterdam, NL 8-05-2016 - 17-06-2016

Space of Imagination, Photo's & Photo Sculptures of Krystyna Ziach
(solo exhibition), Museum Beelden aan Zee (Sculptures by the Sea), The Hague, NL, curated by Hans Rooseboom (curator of photography at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam), 31-10-2014 until 8-02-2015.

Contemporary Art Acquisitions, Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam, 24-07 2015 until 18-11-2015.